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Company Overview – EX Company Limited

I arrived in New Zealand in the year of 1989. During those days there was a lack of student study abroad agents and information regarding local schools were very limited. The cost of studying abroad was also very high.
Based on this experience the EX Company Limited was established to ensure students who study abroad in New Zealand are well taken care of and also that they are provided with detailed information on schools at the lowest price possible. Our company was founded in 1992 as a local corporation and has serviced over many students and other clients per year.
The company’s motto is “Provide the utmost professional advice to our international students” and “Never give false information to our international students”.
Of course, to some people, it can be intimidating to apply to an overseas company using the internet, but in order to resolve such concerns, our dedicated staff will provide students with the best study plans possible.
We hope you will find our staff genuine and cordial. If you have any inquiries please feel free to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Tokunaga
EX Company Limited

Company Name EX Company Limited
Trading as New Zealand Ryugaku Joho Centre
Director Ben Tokunaga
Company Registration AK550324 :  New Zealand Company Office
Established 12 June 1992
Office Address Level 33. 23-29 Albert St. CBD Auckland New Zealand
Tel: +64 21-252-4848
Business Hours Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:00
Study Abroad – English schools, High Schools, Homestay & Farmstay.
Jukuten – Private Tutoring for high school students.
Student Support – Local support, High School Guardian Support.
Translations –  Auckland desk for TransNational
Others – Travel Insurance arrangement.
Bank Bank of New Zealand, Mizuho Bank
Accountant Greenlane Chartered Accountants

Certificate of Incorporation

EX Company Limited is an official company authorized by the New Zealand government as of June 12 1992. Our company has been the leading company in New Zealand in supporting international students for over 25 years. Ever since the internet became worldwide, we have been uploading the latest information on our webpages faster than any other company. We value honesty and integrity in the company and will never hide any information from our clients. Our long history of being in the student exchange business is due to our strong ties with the local schools and our sincere customer service.

The company’s registration can be found on the website of New Zealand Company office (
● Enter the company number 550324 in “Search the New Zealand Companies Register” and then press the search button. Our company’s information should appear.

Agent Certificate

Our company EX Company Limited only makes contracts with schools by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Qualification Examination Council (NZQA). We have over 100 contracts with government-approved schools.

Education New Zealand law requires that educational institutions such as English schools, junior and senior high schools must sign the “Code of Practice” and “International student protection law” papers from the ministry of education. In addition, the NZ Qualification Review Board (NZQA) must regularly review and obtain approval for school facilities and course content. In this way, New Zealand is an advanced country with a well-developed law that maintains the quality of education and protects international students.

Each school must formally make contracts with a study abroad agent, and if their chosen agent makes mistakes or violates the “Code of Practice,” The school will be punished. Therefore schools must be very careful and will only make contracts with reliable agents. The fact that we have contracts with over 100 schools is a testament to how reliable we are.

We only make contracts with NZQA accredited schools that comply with the “Code of Practice”. Our company also complies with the “Code of Practice”. Therefore, our clients from Japan will never be deceived.



関連ページお申し込み(海外旅行保険)お申し込み(塾天)お申し込み(高校留学)お申し込み(一般留学)Company Profile外泊/遅延帰宅/旅行許可申請書キャンセル規定お申込み


関連ページお申し込み(海外旅行保険)お申し込み(塾天)お申し込み(高校留学)お申し込み(一般留学)Company Profile外泊/遅延帰宅/旅行許可申請書スタッフ紹介キャンセル規定




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