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Dynaspeak English
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APPEL(私立英語学校協会)の前会長Dynaspeak EnglishのMr. Ibbertsonから頂いた推薦状。
Dynaspeak English

To Whom It May Concern:
This is to confirm that our school has co-operated with EX Company since 1992. This company is one of the longest established, most respected Education Travel Agencies in Auckland. It is owned by Mr Ben Tokunaga, well-known for his good advice and reliable care for all students and visitors.

Over the past 12 years, Mr Tokunaga and EX Company have strongly supported all the many students they have referred to our school. They were one of the first agencies to provide free internet access and a comfortable student centre at their office. Any of their students could drop by any time for friendly advice or assistance with any kind of problem. In my opinion, Mr Tokunaga and EX Company helped to develop confidence in New Zealand education and tourism, since they began when New Zealand had a very low profile fn overseas countries. I greatly admire Mr Tokunaga for his commitment to quality and his faith in New Zealand as an excellent language study and working holiday destination.

As everyone knows nowadays, international students require good pastoral care when studying away from home and family. lf there is any kind of problem, a good agent like EX Company would help the student settle down and assist them throughout their stay in New Zealand. The student can progress well and their family also feels much more secure.

As Chairman of APPEL the national association of private English language schools, I have contact with the language schools throughout New Zealand and many other agencies. EX Company enjoys an excellent reputation among quality language schools in New Zealand. I strongly recommend the good service and honest, friendly staff at EX Company.

Yours sincerely,
Patrick Ibbertson
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Coromandel Outdoor Laguage Centre

To Whom it may concern
We have been working closely with EX Company for many years, and I am happy to say it has been a successful and happy relationship. They are a reliable and trustworthy partner.

At Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre we value the professional approach and the detailed knowledge of the staff at EX. Not only do they keep up to date with changes in our school programmes, but they make personal visits to experience the atmosphere and the ambience of our two campuses. As we are situated away from Auckland, we especially appreciate the effort of the EX staff to understand our unique school.

We have also noted that this company has excellnet relationships with their clients. Our students, (both individuals and groups) who have come through EX Company know they can always contact the company in Auckland, and will be well looked after.

It is important for quality language schools to work with quality agents. At Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre we have full confidence in EX Company. They have a fine and well deserved reputation in the industry, and we feel grateful to be represented by them.a

I look forward to working with EX Company for many years, and growing together with them.

Maurice Kirby
Managing Director
Crown institute of studies
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Crown Institute of Studies  

To Whom It May Concern

Crown Institute of Studies is one of Auckland's longest-established private training institutes. Since 1972, thousands of New Zealand and international students have graduated from our English, business, hospitality and travel and tourism courses.

We have know Mr Ben Tokunaga and his team at EX Company for many years, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to all students.

We have always believed that quality and agencies should work together, and we are pleased to have EX Company as one of our highly-valued partners here in Auckland.

EX is a high quality company and we commend them to you as always having a genuine care and concern for the needs of their students. They try to match students with suitable schools and have enjoying a growing reputation as a result.

Please contact the school if we can assist further.
Yours faithfully

Alan Chisholm

nelson english centre
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Nelson English Centre

To Whom it May Concern
Nelson English Centre is a middle-sized school in the seaside city of Nelson at
the top of the South Island. The school has a full range of levels and many
European students. Nelson is friendly and convenient, with three national parks
nearby, including New Zealand’s most popular park Abel Tasman National

Nelson welcomes a lot of Japanese students who first studied English in
Auckland but who then wanted a different kiwi experience. Some students
chose come directly from Japan to Nelson.

We have found five advantages in our relationship with EX company:

● EX keeps up-to-date with news from Nelson
● EX company has a deep understanding of New Zealand life, people and
● EX gives clear, accurate information to students
● EX provides good support and help to its students
● EX understands the full range of study options outside of Auckland and
so is an excellent company for Japanese students who demand something a little different or special

In summary, we have great confidence in EX company and their helpful staff.
We appreciate their support for the Japanese students who chose to have a very special study experience here in Nelson

Kind regards

James Upton

nelson english centre
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Aspect New Zealand

To Whom It May Concern

Aspect New Zealand is very happy to highly recommend the services of the education agency, EX Company, Auckland.

Having worked with this company for several years now, we have always found the staff to be extremely professional, highly organised and always vigilant to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information and accurate details about our schools in Auckland and Christchurch.

Our experience shows that EX Company takes exceptional care of their students both before and after arrival in New Zealand, offering a quality service to them. It is no surprise therefore that their students arrive fully prepared for life in NZ, which allows them to settle into their studies more quickly and easily. In addition, we know and appreciate the fact that their students receive on-going support while they are a student with us.

I look forward to a continued strong relationship with EX Company and to welcoming their students to Aspect New Zealand.

Yours sincerely

Sheryl Jackson
Marketing & Sales Manager
Aspect New Zealand

New Horizon College of English

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New Horizon College of English

To whom it may concern

I have pleasure in writing a letter of reference for Ben Tokunaga and EX Company on behalf of New Horizon College of English in Napier. We have been working together to offer students from Japan a wonderful New Zealand study experience for many years.

Student who choose to make their arrangements through EX Company can be sure that they will receive excellent service and support while in New Zealand.

The student counsellors are always well prepared and make sure they have the latest information from each school. They can offer good advice to clients and are able to help with the best study choice for each individual.

We enjoy working with this company and if you choose EX Company then I'm sure you will enjoy a good relationship with them too.

Christine Schmidli

Language school of New Zealand
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Language Schools New Zealand

To whom it may concern.
Letter of reference for EX Company.

Language Schools New Zealand was established in 1993 and has branches in Queenstown and Christchurch.  We are members of English New Zealand.

For many years we have been working with EX Company who are appointed as our Japanese agent, based in Auckland and on the internet.

For many years we have enjoyed a very positive and beneficial relationship with EX Company.  They have sent a great number of students to our schools and the students have been well prepared and supported.

I am happy to recommend them as an agent of the highest standard

Guy Hughes

Rotorua English Language Academy Rotorua English Language Academy Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:
Rotorua English Language Academy has had a business relationship with EX Company Ltd/New Zealand Ryugaku-Joho-Centre for the past five years. In that time, they have arranged for many students to stydy with us in Rotorua.

We have found them to be efficient, caring and business-like. Their staff look after the students very well, and show a lot of interest in their study and Homestay experience. E-mails and other communications are very friendly and courteous, and they ensure that their information about our school is always up to date.

RELA staff are very happy to work with the staff of EX Company Ltd/New Zealand Ryugaku Joho Centre, and we look forward to a continuing strong and trusting relationship.

Yours sincerely
Chris Leckie(Ms)
Rotorua English Language Academy
LANGUAGE STUDIES Language Studies International

Language Studies International (NZ) is a private English language school which is part of a world-wide group of language schools. We have schools situated in Europe, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland., as well as in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We have students who come to us from over 20 different countries - we are a truly international school.

We provide quality tuituion and excellent homestay accommodation. We also have a very interesting activities programme which students can join if they wish to.

We have been working with Ex Company Ltd for a few years and recommend their service to all prospective students. Ex Company have represented our school with care and attention to detail and have provided a very good service to the students who have enrolled through their company.

We have found the Ex Company staff to be helpful, friendly and honest.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Yours faithfully
Eleanor Macfehin
AUT International House AUT International House

To Whom it may concern
AUT International House is one of New Zealand's leading English Language teaching organisations. It is part of the Auckland University of Technology the only New Zealand member of the International House World Organisation.

AUT International House hereby wishes to confirm that Ex Company has been acting as an AUT International House representative since 1999.

AUT Internationl House has a very good and professional working relationship with Ex Company and we are very happy to recommend them as a representative.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Esther Somers
Marketing & Administration Co-ordinator
AUT International House